Our Team

AI Therapeutics has progressed its pipeline of novel, computationally-derived and patient-directed therapies using a highly accomplished and experienced team with expertise to execute on all stages of our pipeline from inception through clinical trials. 

"AI Therapeutics is at the forefront of transforming how we match drugs to patients for the best response. Our deep learning AI technology gets smarter each time patient data is analyzed, which helps us accurately select patients to treat." - Dr. Tian Xu

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Brigette Roberts, M.D.
Acting CEO
Scott B Kozak
Chief Business Development Officer
Peter Young, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer
Keith Fandrick, Ph.D.
Head of CMC and Process Chemistry
Joan Edwards
Head of Quality Assurance
Gus Roman
Chief of Staff
Brad Parry, Ph.D.
Head of AI
Board of Directors
Jonathan Rothberg, Ph.D.
George Rehm
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Scientific Advisory Board
Lawrence Melvin, Ph.D.
Tian Xu, Ph.D.
Murat Gunel, M.D.