Gregg Fergus

Gregg Fergus is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Commercial Officer of 4Catalyzer, a Guilford, Connecticut-based startup accelerator dedicated to democratizing healthcare and maximizing societal impact. 4Catalyzer provides funding, support and mentoring, and has raised over $600 million for three of its healthcare startup companies. In addition to management, his responsibilities include hiring the technical and commercial teams and serving on the board of each startup. Prior to joining 4Catalyzer, Gregg was the President and Chief Operating Officer of Ion Torrent, which pioneered an entirely new approach to DNA sequencing. In addition to directing and managing the company, Gregg was instrumental in raising $40 million in funding for Ion Torrent in 2009. In 2010, a year before the company launched its first product, Gregg negotiated the sale of Ion Torrent to Life Technologies for $725 million. Ion Torrent’s PGM sequencer became the fastest selling DNA sequencer in the world shortly after going to market and it generated $550 million in revenue over three years. The Ion Torrent division was worth $2.4 billion in the 2014 sale of Life Technologies to Thermo Fisher.